Wednesday, 13 December 2017

ISR - new dimension towards social upliftment

Philanthropy is embedded in the Indian culture since ancient times. But it wasn’t a conscious ‘Giving Action’, people are doing it as and when it was needed.  But in the era of industrialization and complex work environment where lot of inter-relationship is required, social responsibility become very important tool. So now, charity, philanthropy and donation have new name ‘Social Responsibility (SR)’ and steadily becoming part of life style in society with people who can afford this. Social Responsibility can be classified as responsibility lies with ‘Corporate Citizens’ and ‘Individual Citizens’.

Primarily, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  which is now most spread ‘Buzz’ word, is being taken care by Corporate under their business mandate and very much integrated in the business process. CSR has shown its significance as important business tool to respond business challenges derived from various critical stakeholders and complex ecosystem.

But I am here talking about the larger point which is social responsibilities lies with individuals, may afford to be part of healthy society building through ‘Individual Social Responsibility Actions’ (ISR).

“Eventually, ISR has brought new dimension towards social upliftment”

Although there is no fundamental change in the nature of activities are being done under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), as upliftment of society is in the core of the both practices. However, in Indian context both are being practiced separately as CSR and ISR which is also known as part of Employee Engagement Activities. And this happen only because of CSR law, which is in effect from 2014. So, CSR is something which being practiced by the corporate citizen for improving the living condition of communities around its business locations. However, ISR is being developed as culture within organization to engage its workforce in various community projects as their individual responsibility towards society.

ISR is about an individual becoming responsible in his/her actions that have affects on communities outside his/her immediate circles. The immediate circle being friends or acquaintance from their surroundings.    ISR is not only about committing acts of charities or working for communities where you have material interest. These only form of ISR, which is a broader concept that can be manifested through actions as below;

  •         Philanthropic behavior of individual
  •        The campaigner, volunteer and activist instincts in the individual which picks up and support the issues which affects to the society.
  •      The above two coupled with an individual being ethical (integrity, honesty) in his/her towards dealings.